Canadian MPS Society’s Inaugural Gala

August 15, 2011 10:12 pm | 

Founders of the Emma-Rose Fund attend the Canadian MPS Society’s Inaugural Gala at the Glen Abbey Golf Club in support of Canadian families of kids with MPS.

Several Toronto Maple Leafs alumni were suited up to raise money for the fight against Muccopolysaccharidosis. Former Leafs Tom Fergus, Todd Warriner, Rick Vaive, Dan Daoust, Bill Derlago, Rob Pearson and Lou Franceschetti played in the inaugural MPS Cup Fantasy Hockey Game at Canlan Ice Sports.

All proceeds benefited the Canadian MPS Society, a national registered charity that develops treatments and searches for a cure for the debilitating genetic disease.

Photo: Kirsten and Nicklas Harkins with Lara Pietrolungo


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